Frosty The Snowman or Frosty Snowman is the central protagonist of The Snowman.

Frosty is a crime fighting superhero who has the power of an ice elemental, but in the daytime, he's just a regular high school sophomore.


Frosty was created by his father Austin and Professor Rowan along with his friends, Becky, Havan, Rhubarb and Freddy in an attempt to create a group of superpowered humans, who can stop the city of Hearthome form the recent string of crime, that have pluged the city, making it an unfit place too leave. 

After the events of being created, the young boy, was taken in by his co-creator Austin, who has always wanted a son. Seeing as Austin and his husband Dixon couldn't have kids, because they're two males, and two males aren't able to reproduce an offspring. 


Frosty is lazy, sarcastic and isn't afraid to speak his mind. While, being a superhero, he would rather spend his time binge watching television shows on Netflix, and eating. Frosty loved to eat. However, Frosty has a soft side, and is seen showing caring for his friends.

While he maybe stubborn at times, when he doesn't want to admit he's wrong. He's able to see when he's doing wrong, like in Halloween Horrors when he realized he was wrong and decided to apologize to Blaze, after he beat her up for no reason at all.


Frosty has sky blue eyes, spiky white hair and extremely pale white skin. He is usually wearing a ice blue jacket that is zipped up, with a zipper that was made out of a snowflake. To complete his outfit he's usually seen wearing blue jean pants and long black boots in which the pants we’re tucked inside the boots.


  • Flying/Levitation

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  • Frosty is sixteen years old.
  • Frosty's birthday is October 31, which is Halloween.
  • Frosty's favorite color is light blue.
  • He is an ice elemental.
  • So far, he's appeared in two chapters.
  • Frosty hates working with a group, and preferred to work alone.
  • Frosty hates being called by his real name.
  • Out of all of his friends, he considers Havan to be his best friend.
  • Frosty has a crush on Antonio, a villain in his rouges gallery, 
  • Frosty is the tallest main character.
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